Bingo Paper


Atlantic offers a large selection ofArrow International's bingo paper. With over 100,000 unique faces, Arrow's paper has a series to fit the needs of any bingo hall.

UniMax Bingo Paper - the newest of Arrow's extensive line of bingo paper. The name says it all! Uni-meaning one serial number and Max-meaning maximum security, integrity, and game control. With only one serial number to record throughout a collated set of books, tracking serial numbers is made easy.

Player Preferred Paper - UniMax is the first and only bingo paper developed with the player in mind. The paper stock, print quality, audit features and playability characteristics have been recognized in the industry: this is the Player Preferred Series. UniMax's Player Preferred Series gives players increased excitement with added dabbing features and allows more players to feel the excitement of being close to a bingo.

Arrow's Capitol Bingo Paper  is a complete line of bingo paper which can be custom collated to fit the individual needs of any bingo hall. Included in the Capitol line are a large variety of specialty papers which can add both variety and excitement to any bingo session.

Choose from Arrow's extensive line of bingo paper:

90 Number Bingo Paper
U-Pik-Em Bingo Paper
EZ Read Bingo Paper
Horizon 1 & 2
Red, White and Blue Paper
Tear Opens
Casino Bingo
Surprize Bingo
International Bingo Paper


UniMax Bingo Paper
Capitol Bingo Paper
Barber Pole Bingo Paper
Dab-All 75 Bingo Paper
Starburst Bingo Paper
Quick-Dab Pattern Paper
Olympic Bingo Paper
Sunrise Bingo Paper