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At last your game can record
one serial number
with ease!

Only Your Serial Number throughout a Collated Set!
Maximum Security, Integrity and Game Control

Never again will you have to record the serial number on each sheet of a book.
You can virtually eliminate players from bringing in paper from another game or prior session!

Available UniMax SERIES

1-9,036 | 1-9,096 | 9,097-18,132 | 9,097-18,192

Four Player Preferred Series
60,001-69,036 | 70,001-79,096
80,001-89,036 | 90,001-99,036

UniMax is now the industry standard! Having the same serial number on every face of every colored sheet in a collation eliminates the tedious task of recording multiple serial numbers. This makes it easy to maintain control over your bingo game.

Player Preferred UniMax allows players to dab more often with an improved distribution of numbers. For example, every 3ON cut has at least 62 different numbers and every 6ON vertical cut contains all 75 numbers at least one time. With Player Preferred UniMax players are more involved in the game, and the number of split pots is reduced due to the elimination of duplicate bingo faces.