Popp Opens Dispensing Machine


Popp-Opens and Nevada TM Dispensing Machines

Make more profits for your game with quick and easy-to-use ticket dispensers!

Both Popp-Opens and Nevada Gold ticket machines dispense 3 Window and 5 Window tickets. All machines can be mounted on wall or table. Key entry is required to restock or access cash compartment. ALL MACHINES CAN ACCEPT THE NEW $20 BILL.

Bet All button feature allows the player to use all existing credits from any one column. Ticket dispensing outlets below each column and flexible pricing per column are other key features.

Security features includes separate locked security doors for currency, coins and tickets as well as an alarm for unauthorized access alert. Individual dispensing columns feature resettable cash accountability and sales totals are permanently stored in electronic memory for operator convenience.

3 and 6 Column Features

  • Large back-lit display board
  • 1000-bill stacker
  • 6-Digit credit display
  • Adjustable ticket quantity (1-15 per transaction)
  • "Make Other Selection" indicator
  • Coin acceptor accommodates 5 cent, 10 cent, 25 cent coins (Canadian optional)

  • Accurate sales recording
  • Complete Security
  • Easy maintenance

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4 and 8 Column Features
  • Fastest dispenser in North America
  • 600-bill stacker - CashCode acceptor
  • Maximum 100-ticket vend per transaction
  • Battery back-up for complete transaction
  • CSA and NRTL/C approved
  • Menu-driven operation
  • Accounting functions: resettable and non-resettable, electronic and mechanical, tickets and currency


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