Bingo Consoles


HandsfreeTM System


Our HandsfreeTM System provides added security and speed of calling to the Statesman Video DesignerTM System by eliminating any ball handling by the operator.

Each ball will come up the tube and be stopped in front of the camera, which immediately displays the ball on all hall monitors. Numbers are easily read regardless of the position in which the ball stops in front of the camera.


  • The favorite of game operators because it is simple to operate
    - Turn on the power
    - Remove ball from the ball catcher
    - Insert ball into the ball tray
    - Flashboard lights up

  • It's that easy!
    Stores up to 100 different game patterns in the order that you choose


ArrowstarTM PC-2000

The ultimate in a user-friendly personal computer-based system offers:

  • Ease of set up and use
  • Vivid and detailed color graphics
  • Upgrade capabilities
  • Touch-screen operation

Unique features:

  • Verifies all UniMax Series, Capitol l-54,000 Series and 1-27,000 Dab-AllTM Series
  • Bingo paper serial number tracking
  • Two hall monitor video outputs
  • Hall advertising capabilities