Introducing a new way to add excitement to your Bingo Game without radically changing your game program. Bingo Players thrive on new pull tab games, yet they do not like changes in their bingo game where they prefer a status quo.

Bingo Event pull tab tickets provide new excitement to a session by bridging the gap between two games that bingo players are familiar and comfortable with - playing bingo and playing Popp-Opens pull tabs. Event tickets provide additional chances to win offering instant winners and playback like standard pull tab games, and they contain hold tickets which play along with a bingo game.

Bingo Event tickets create a frenzy and are played quickly because there is a definite time frame in which the game must be played. They include a specified beginning and end of the game because they play along with a particular bingo session. Managers set the criteria for winning "hold" ticket. For example: The Bingo Manager specifies that the new Bingo event ticket Stone CrazyTM will be played with bingo game #3 and the player who has the "hold" ticket with the last number called for that game wins. This allows two prize winners for a single bingo game- one for the standard bingo and one for the Bingo Event Ticket. The caller announces the winning "hold" ticket number which provides increased promotion for the event tickets as well.

While these new pull-tab tickets provide new excitement to a bingo game and provide additional chances to win, players remain happy because their "regular" game has not changed.

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